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Welcome to the Green Bike Project wikipage

Find our website here:

In such a decentralized and transient organization, this wiki is the central resource to help us run the Green Bike Project. If you see something wrong or missing, please take the initiative and fix it. Wikis only work if you keep the content updated.

In order to edit pages, you must create an account and be logged in. For help of any kind, visit the help page.


Volunteer Rota

Volunteering at the Green Bike Project is a fantastic chance to pick up a new skillset whether in bicycle maintenance, accountancy, events organisation, social media, co-operative development or any host of other aspects that help a co-op function smoothly. We place a strong emphasis on education as one of the seven co-operative principles and we are hopeful as a volunteer you'll learn something new about co-operatives and bikes that will help you later on in life. If you are a student, your volunteering hours are recognised by the Guild and PSA scheme. You can read more about volunteering in this leaflet (also available in shop)

  • If you would like to sync the calendar to your calendar client, please contact the IT Admin for a link to the private calendar address and to be invited to the calendar.
  • Two events have been created for each shift at the Green Bike Project during the term. You can sign up to a shift by changing the name of the event from *volunteer 1* or *volunteer 2* to your name. The calendar has been shared with all members of the gbp-discuss list.
  • If the day you want to volunteer on already has two volunteers signed up - just add your name and mobile number to the title of the event. This system will only work if people leave the calendar as they find it, try not to delete other peoples entries or change the timings of events instead just enter the details of when you are free or add your name to an existing event.
  • It is useful to know if you can pop by for part of the shift but we will still be looking for two volunteers to keep the shop open throughout the shift. If are planning on popping by for an hour please create a new event in the calendar the length of your visit.
  • Please contact the IT Admin if you still haven't been given editing priveliges on the calendar. Otherwise you can just email contact @ and the email admin will enter your availability to the calendar.
  • If possible, it would be great if volunteers could work out a timeslot that they are regularly available and enter them a few weeks in advance as this will make volunteer scheduling simpler for all involved.

Parts Purchasing and dealing with Wholesalers

We currently have a trade account with The Cycle Division orders are made online via. Directors and the IT admin will have access to the login details and have the ability to make orders. Orders can only be placed once the £100 barrier exceeded because then we are able to get free postage.

Once the items have been selected on the site proceed to checkout. This will generate an invoice that will be E-mailed through to us within a few hours. We need to pay the VAT on the order as we do not yet have VAT expemtion due to our small trading figures. Once the invoice has been recieved we need to pay it via our online account with Unity Trust. The order will be delivered to the Guild the day after our payment has been recieved by The Cycle Division. You can contact them by calling 01484456137 or E-mailing julia at

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